Thomas Rieche

Thomas Rieche

Thomas Rieche advises companies on environmental matters, in particular in the aviation, chemical, oil, storage and logistics industries. He defends clients against undue restrictions, represents them in permitting and criminal procedures and helps them to mitigate liability risks and to communicate efficiently in case of accidents. Clients frequently retain Thomas as a speaker for in-house trainings. Thomas is also a certified lawyer for administrative law.


  • Environment
  • Administrative Law
  • Rental Agreements
  • Traffic Law

Education and Qualifications

  • Former speaker for environmental law at the Technical University Harburg and the Maritime Competence Centre (ma-co maritimes competenzcentrum)
  • Speaker for environmental law and environmental liability law at TÜV Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen and at the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg
  • Certified lawyer for administrative law since 2000
  • Lawyer since 1995
  • Studies in law and environmental management in Hamburg

Foreign Languages

  • English

Voluntary Work

  • Press spokesperson for the fire department Tostedt