Hendrikje Blandow-Schlegel

Hendrikje Blandow-Schlegel

Hendrikje Blandow-Schlegel focuses on family and inheritance law. In addition to her law practice, she is a member of Hamburg’s parliament (Bürgerschaft). She also does voluntary work, in particular with refugees. Hendrikje is married and has three children.


  • Family Law
  • Inheritance Law

Education and Qualifications

  • Speaker for family law and inheritance law in family education centres (Familienbildungsstätten) in Eppendorf and Hamm
  • Certified lawyer for family law since 2005
  • Lawyer since 1995
  • Law studies in Hamburg


  • Member of the Working Group for Family Law and Inheritance Law of the German Lawyers’ Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Familien- und Erbrecht des Deutschen Anwaltvereins)
  • Member of the Association for the Administration of Wills and Estate Management (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Testamentsvollstreckung und Vermögenssorge)
  • Member of Hamburg Lawyers’ Association (Hamburgischer Anwaltverein)

Voluntary Work

  • First Chairwoman of the Association for Refugee Assistance Harvestehude (Verein Flüchtlingshilfe Harvestehude)
  • Consultant at the Public Legal Advisory (Öffentliche Rechtsauskunft) (currently suspended due to Hendrikje’s work at Hamburg’s parliament (Bürgerschaft)
  • Elected Member of the Commission for the Selection of Judges (Richterwahlausschuss)