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15/11/23  Silke Schubbert

A big hit or a pipe dream?

Easements for solar, wind, hydrogen & co. shall become transferable. Banks and developers are rejoicing - perhaps too soon?
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01/11/23  Louissa Greppi

Ciao, § 550 BGB

In Germany, lease agreements for solar and wind projects need to follow arcane rules on the written form. In the 21st century, these rules have no purpose anymore. It's time to get rid of them.
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18/09/23  Thomas Rieche

Pimp my plant

Revamping solar parks has become more attractive since the beginning of 2023. Which legal aspects are important?
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08/06/23  Tim Stahlberg

The dilemma

Which is better: private arbitration or public courts?
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30/01/23  Thomas Rieche

Time is running out

The EU is shortening the approval procedures for solar and wind projects. Will the energy transition finally gain momentum?
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17/11/22  Jonathan Reuther

Non-compete clauses – a balancing act

Companies fear competition. But non-compete obligations restrict the free market - they are only permissible within narrow limits.
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05/05/22  Thomas Rieche

Fighting for the windmills

The situation is dire, not only because of climate change, but also because of the war in Ukraine. Vice-Chancellor Habeck has therefore presented a series of measures to promote renewable energies. However, what is also needed is a change in the licensing practice and faster legal procedures.
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26/01/22  Alexander Grundmann

The sun above the city’s rooftops

Demand for electricity will rise in the coming years, but coal and nuclear shall be taken off the grid. Can solar panels on the roofs of residential property help close the gap in the electricity mix? The current laws leave much to be desired.
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11/11/21  Jonathan Reuther

Tag-and-Drag-Queens all along

Rules on the sale of shares: Sailing along or being pushed?
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11/11/21  Roland Voges
Bundesnetzagentur in Bonn. Photo: Eckhard Henkel - Wikimedia Commons; license: Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0.

The Federal Network Agency must become more independent

Politicians tell the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) how to set the network fees. This is unlawful, ruled the European Court of Justice.
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11/11/21  Tim Stahlberg

The glaciers are melting

RWE, Shell and other companies are being sued for their climate-damaging emissions – with increasing success.
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11/11/21  Tim Stahlberg

The just price

The Spanish government is fighting high electricity prices, at the expense of renewable energies. This raises legal questions.
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